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ACE Masterclasses brings the art of consultancy back to organizations by offering hands on and efficient trainings. Inspiring both employee and manager by helping them to structure complex solutions and improve quality of decision making from the moment they step out of our masterclasses.​

The average training company has a one-size-fits-all approach often with trainers with little industry experience. We are consultants that still work at executive level. So we have a direct no-nonsense approach that ensures we can transfer our best practice approach to you. 

Boost consulting skills

Bring the art of consultancy back to organizations

At Blackfield Consulting we believe that if you handle complexity in a structured and consistent way, the solution usually becomes pretty straight-forward. ​On the back of this conviction, the Blackfield consulting services are based on four fundamental principles: "We're straightforward", "We don't like fluff", "We adapt to the situation" and "We stick to the scope". 


We look back on 50+ years of experience on managing organizational transformations and cost efficiency programs across industries. Instead of the transactional approach of handing over a lot of slideware, we believe in leveraging the knowledge and expertise already present in your workforce to the fullest.

Advanced advisory services

Advanced advisory services to accelerate your business

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Quick interventions

No time to lose.

Solve any complexity, now

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